Position Title: Texas Boys Choir Artistic Director

Reports to: President|CEO and Principal

Department: Fine Arts – Music

Position Summary: The Texas Boys Choir Artistic Director is a member of Texas Center for Arts + Academic’s (TCAA) leadership team; and, is responsible for providing the highest quality music experience and training by facilitating positive individual, family, and community growth through guidance and role modeling. In addition to developing artistic programs, this individual serves as a faculty member of Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, teaching Texas Boys Choir and other choir related courses as scheduled.

In collaboration with faculty and administration, the Texas Boys Choir Artistic Director will support the organization’s mission through repertoire selection and curriculum development in alignment with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the National Core Arts Standards.  The Texas Boys Choir Artistic Director will play an integral role in the marketing, community relations, and strategic positioning of Texas Boys Choir ensuring its continued growth and development.

As an integral member of the Choir Artistic Director Leadership Team, the Texas Boys Choir Artistic Director will work collaboratively with the Singing Girls of Texas Artistic Director and the Children’s Choir of Texas Artistic Director to share workload and collaborate on partnerships, strategies, growth, and development for all TCAA’s choirs. It is imperative that a team, collaborative approach is implemented, and that goals, progress, and success are measured to ensure the growth and development of all TCAA choir programs.

Position Profile: TCAA seeks an Artistic Director who will continue to build upon the legacy of excellence in providing any boy—regardless of socioeconomic or ethnic background—a structured environment in which to learn the fundamentals of world-class vocal performance. This individual will teach, challenge, and inspire the boychoir members. Unique in its environment, resident choir members attend Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, a public charter school that enrolls talented students by audition.

Day-to-day, choir members receive training and direction in general musicianship, vocal technique, choral collaboration, performing for and engaging with an audience, and self- discipline. Music history and theory are also woven into the curriculum to ensure each boy increases his cultural and music literacy.

For choir members, mid-year voice changes require an Artistic Director who understands and is sensitive to the physiology, emotions, and overall wellbeing of the singers as they go through this transition. Ensemble placement is for the duration of the school year, so modifications may be required to ensure that each boy continues to receive training and performance experience after his voice changes. The Artistic Director will serve the needs of the individual choir member while maintaining the vision for the choir as a whole.

Repertoire should include selections of choral/vocal compositions from throughout history in general—and music written for boychoirs specifically—while also exploring music from the world’s cultures, including modern and contemporary pieces. Ideally, the program should be made up of a vibrant and diverse blend of complex and interesting musical selections that are academic, explorative, and entertaining for the choir and its audience. In addition to exposing our community to the work of choral masterpieces, our efforts should be to engage and create a passion for choral music in all its forms.

The Artistic Director will be strategic-minded and detail-oriented. Additionally, this individual will be self-aware and flexible, with a sense of humor and have great passion for collaboration. Duties will include expanding partnerships internally with other fine arts groups and externally with arts and community organizations. Texas Boys Choir seeks to launch satellite after-school programs throughout the region, and the Artistic Director will lead in this initiative to develop the necessary relationships to achieve this goal.

Essential Job Function:

•    Instruction

     o    Lead daily choral rehearsals and music instruction for Texas Boys Choir (tour, training, and chamber) members in grades 3-12

     o    Collaborate, co-direct, and lead choral rehearsals and music instruction for Academy Singers mixed choir in grades 9-12

     o    Create and implement effective lesson plans that promote the highest levels of choral and general musicianship

     o    Prepare and lead students in concerts and events, on campus, in the community, and abroad

  • Daily collaboration and cross-support of Singing Girls of Texas Choir and  Elementary Choir to ensure growth and success of all choirs
  • Collaborate with other faculty to create curriculum, select appropriate musical material, and design creative learning opportunities for students

     o    Attend staff meetings and professional development as required

•    Leadership

     o    Articulate and implement tangible plans that are aspirational and achievable, guided by the organization’s mission, and in alignment with its values

     o    Design an effective and award-winning program for choral training

     o    Actively work as a committee member on assigned Strategic Plan efforts

     o    Supervise other choir staff, contract musicians, et al. as assigned

     o    Advisory to Texas Boys Choir Parents Club

•    Public Relations

     o    Create and maintain positive communication with administration, staff, faculty, choir members, and parents

     o    Be an active and visible member of the community

     o    Develop positive relationships with others in the artistic community

     o    Partner with the President|CEO and the Development and Communications Team in support of fundraising, marketing/communications, strategic partnerships, and outreach initiatives

Essential Job Requirements:

•    Education – Master’s degree required with a concentration in Music, Choral Conducting, or Music Education. Teacher certification or Highly Qualified designation required.

•    Experience – minimum twelve years’ experience choral conducting and program management required. Eight or more years’ experience conducting boy choirs or children’s choirs preferred.

•    Required Skills and Capabilities – fine artistic skills as vocalist, choral director, and conductor; demonstrated proficiency on a secondary instrument, preferably piano; experience using Kodaly method; strong classroom management skills; proven experience positively working with children and youth; ability to work collaboratively with a diverse team; excellent verbal and written communication; significant evening/weekend performance commitments, as well as travel for touring activities

•    Preferred Skills and Capabilities – proven experience collaborating with others to develop interdisciplinary artistic products

•    Physical Requirements – ability to carry up to 25 lbs.; valid driver license

Position Category: 12 month contract, exempt, full-time


Fort Worth, TX

Texas Boys Choir Artistic Director

Type of Position: 
Texas Boys Choir
Compensation and Benefits: 
Application Deadline: 
Monday, May 4, 2020
Application Procedure: 

Send cover letter and resume to penny.clay@artsacademics.org


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